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Its a fact that tree stump removal can be a real headache, many tree surgeons will simply leave it down to the client or call in a specialist team such as Conifers from Hell.

Our stump removal service guarantees complete removal and leaves the ground ready for planting without the use of any chemicals. We have a range of machinery ensuring we can cope with any size of tree stump and gain access to almost any location.

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Stump grinding is a fast and effective way of fully removing unwanted tree stumps by using a machine with rapidly spinning tungsten-tipped blades to grind away the stump to a depth of up to 18 inches below ground.

This method creates minimal ground disturbance leaving the area clean and tidy, and with the size of our machine, we can reach areas with difficult access.


There are many reasons why it is necessary for
tree stump removal:

It stops diseases such as honey fungus which may
be present in the stump, from spreading to other
nearby trees.
It allows for immediate re-planting – the stump
hole is backfilled with the shavings from the stump.

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